Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Darci's Dress Up Quilt - Doll #1

My Oasis Quilt Guild decided to undertake this quilt as our group project for 2010.  I knew from the get-go that this would be a challenge for me.  I follow directions very well.  Creativity and imagination, however, are stretches for me.  But, what the hey?  If I don't stretch myself now, when?  There are only a couple of decades left for me to be stretchy, right?

So I signed up for the project.  We all agreed to use the small scale fabrics that are so popular now.  Each month, two of our members purchase fabric and give pieces to each of the 15 who have signed up for the quilt.  On the month you purchase fabric, you do an extra block to contribute to the quilt that we hope to raffle off at the Temecula Quilt Show in October.  We'll give half the money to charity (as yet to be determined) and keep half for our coffers.

I decided to do the fusible applique method for my quilt.  Just the thought of 15 blocks of needle turn applique made my thumbs start to ache!  Not going to happen.  I have used fusible applique on a couple of small projects successfully.  I wasn't prepared, however, for the challenges of using fusibles on a project that depends on embellishment.  I've spent hours and hours figuring out what goes on first, where to put the fusible, etc., etc., etc.  Not to mention my renewed acquaintance with "unsewing."  Hmmmmm ....

There are several patterns on the market for doll dress quilts; I chose the Darci's Dress Up pattern from Quilted Quickies.  Here's Dress #1:

The pattern has 3 applique pieces available:  the body of the dress, the sleeves, and a collar.  I actually made the dress for the group quilt first and had a bit of a problem with "show through" on the collar.  (Forgot to take a picture of that one.) I've since learned to use a fusible interfacing on light-colored fabric to prevent show through.

I decided to go without the collar for this dress.  I like the bows on the sleeves, but I'm not too happy with the rick rack.  Others in my group have used the baby rick rack which seems more appropriate in scale.  And the clear buttons don't show up too well.  But the dress is done, I learned a lot, and I'm keeping it!

By the way, I love doing the buttonhole applique stitch on the Bernina.  This dress was finished before the Bernina went in for her repairs.  I had played around until I had the stitch specifications exactly perfect for this project and saved the stitch to my personal program - the one that got completely wiped out by the replacement of the S board!

If you want to see some really cute doll dress creations, take a look at the Freckleberry Farm website.  You'll be awed!

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