Monday, March 15, 2010

Darci's Dress Up Quilt - Doll #4

Adding the ruffle on the last dress gave me a great feeling of success and accomplishment.  So, what did I then do to myself?  I immediately decided that making an apron would be a cinch and just oh-so-cute.  Others in our group have made aprons and pinafores - even little vests.  How hard could it be?

Not really hard, but not really easy either.  The biggest problem is that it is LITTLE.  This project brought back memories of making doll clothes for my daughter's Barbie 30-some years ago.  It was  difficult enough to do way back then, but now that the arthritis years have set in, working with something this tiny is not a piece of cake.

I can just about guarantee you that this will be the only apron on my quilt!  I think I may even have used the wrong side of the white eyelet fabric, but I'm not taking this baby apart.

The next dress will have simple embellishment.  I need to wait for another burst of energy before getting into something complicated!

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