Friday, March 19, 2010

Question: When is enough enough? Answer: Maybe never!

Like most avid sewers, I have more than one sewing machine.  My Bernina 640 is my machine of choice, but I also have a Featherweight (that I do not use nearly enough) and my MIL's Pfaff 130, which is actually only a decorative piece in our home - shame on me.  Note to self:  Get Mom's sewing machine cleaned, oiled, and use it!

Then there are the machines that I lust after:  the Bernina 830, a really good serger and someone to come and teach me how to use it, my Bernina 150 that I never should have sold ..... sigh.  Oh, and every antique sewing machine that I see with a sticker that says "works great!"

Check this out:  This blogger has lots of sewing machines!

If I had (1) a huge house, (2) my own sewing room with a door that could be locked, or (3) a separate sewing studio (you dreamer you), I would definitely be a sewing machine collector.  I especially like the machines dating before 1950.  They have so much character!  I did own a treadle machine once.  I "inherited" it from the Peace Corps volunteer who lived in my house in Zinder, Niger, before I did.  She sewed on it a lot and tried to teach me how to use it, in vain.  I wonder if that machine is still there?

My daughter decided not to have a living room in her house but to use that space instead for a playroom since she has 3 children under 4.  A living room would be unused.  Hmmmmm ...... we only use the dining room once a year at Thanksgiving.  Wonder if I could convince DH that an expanded sewing room made more sense?  Not likely .....

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