Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting ready for next Easter

As we were leaving to return home after the Easter holiday, my daughter asked if I could embroider the grandkids' names on their Easter baskets.  Seemed like a simple task.  I brought the baskets home and played around with them today.  Fun, fun, fun!  I haven't been doing as much embroidery as I should considering how much I paid for the embroidery module for my Bernina.

I tried to choose a font that reflected the personality of the 3 grandchildren.  Jackson got Child's Play - fun-loving and playful just like him!  I adorned Talia with Guinevere.  Being quite a princess, it seemed appropriate.  I'm just now seeing Natasha's personality, and I like what I see.  Sweet, feminine, a bit alluring and elegant - Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany's!  So, Tiffany was the font I chose.

Choosing the correct stabilizer is always such a chore for me.  If I did more machine embroidery, it would probably become second nature.  I ended up going with a TNT - the "iron on stabilizer that I love" from Carolyn Brown at An Embroidered Affair.  It's a great stabilizer and hasn't failed me yet!  I have no affiliation with Carolyn or An Embroidered Affair, but I highly recommend that you visit her site and consider doing business with her.  She's a wonderful lady and goes above and beyond to provide terrific service.

Here are the finished baskets just waiting for the return of the Easter Bunny.

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  1. Those are adorable. I love that you gave some thought to the kids' personalities when choosing a font. We'll have to tell Talia about "Guenevere" and why it was selected for her.