Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Every kid has to try it sometime ...

My daughter woke up this morning to the sound of something not quite right in the kids' bathroom.  Seems my eldest granddaughter, Talia, had decided to have short hair.  She climbed up on the bathroom counter, found the haircutting scissors on top of the medicine cabinet, and proceeded to give herself a haircut.

DD tells me that Talia has been asking for short hair for quite sometime.  She sure found a way to get what she wanted!  Why does this not surprise me?  She's determined, bright, resourceful, and not quite as attractive as she was this time yesterday!

I'm sure my DD was angry and upset, although she did manage to tell me that most kids don't do this until they are 5.  Talia, being only 4, is once again ahead of her peers.  They headed out for an early morning haircut to try to clean up Talia's efforts.  Phone picture sent to Oma looks pretty dreadful ..... but she does have a smile on her face!

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