Friday, April 23, 2010

For sewing enthusiasts everywhere

A website that I frequent, Sew, What's New?, posted a video that I thoroughly enjoyed watching, several times, in fact.  I hope you'll like it, too.  I have never heard of Jan de Vlieger or the IMCA prior to watching this video.

The IMCA Sewing Machine Museum is located near Amsterdam where we will be for four days in September.  However, according to the information that I've been able to obtain on the Internet, tours of the museum are restricted to sewing machine enthusiasts and collectors.  I certainly classify myself as enthusiastic about sewing machines, but I am hardly a collector nor am I knowledgeable about the history of this great invention.  Plus, I'm pushing the envelope asking DH to spend one day of our trip at the Bernina factory in Steckborn, Switzerland!  Touring this great museum is just not in the cards.

Enjoy taking a short tour of the IMCA Sewing Machine Museum!  The music is cool, too.

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