Monday, February 15, 2010

Small but impressive

The Valley Quilters Guild of Hemet, California, held their annual quilt show last Friday and Saturday.  I love this show!  It was the first quilt show that I ever attended, and it renewed my interest in quilting after a lull of about 25 years so it has a special place in my heart.  The show is held in the local community center.  The quilts were lovely this year, and there were more vendors than I remember in the past.

I went with several of the gals from my Oasis Quilt Guild.  We had lots of fun, bought a few things (surprise, surprise) and even treated ourselves to lunch on the way home.

My camera batteries died after only a few pictures, unfortunately.  I missed capturing the ribbon winners.  (I think it's time to give up on rechargeable batteries.  They just don't seem to hold a charge very long.)  At least I have a couple to share with you:

I've seen this quilt pattern done a lot, but I really like the way that Marvel Dorf took some of the fish from the border print and appliqued them in the sashing.  Adds just a touch of whimsy!  Must try to remember this in my continuing effort to think outside the box and be more abstract.

I loved this quilt.  My heart is pushing me towards a bargello quilt as well as a landscape quilt, and this one fed my yearning.  The quilter, Marcia Monroe, claimed it was easy.  Hmmmm .... easy enough for me?  Looks like the first challenge is finding the right fabric.  There are oodles of lovely landscape prints around.  I see multiple shopping trips in my future.

The last one I'd like to share with you is entitled "Love This Star" and was made by Gloria McKeehan and machine quilted by January Shaffer.  The picture I took of the whole quilt is pretty awful, but take a look at the stippling done by January.  She must have incredible eyesight!  When I grow up, I want to quilt like this (without 1000 hours of practice ..... hee, hee, hee).

To see more wonderful quilts from this show, visit the SewCalGal blog.  Enjoy!

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