Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh, yes ... I remember it well!

My daughter took her 3 kids to the pediatrician last Friday.  The girls had regularly scheduled well-baby appointments - a 4-year-old checkup for Talia, and a 1-year-old checkup for Tasha.  DD decided she could handle this appointment on her own including towing almost-3-year-old Jackson along!

Unfortunately, the appointments were running one hour late.  Oh, my.  Remember trying to keep the kids entertained in a doctor's office?  Ain't easy, McGee.  Kudos for DD for even attempting this.

On top of the delay, the 4-year-old was aware that she was having two shots.  When they finally got to see the doctor, she discovered that Tasha may have an eye problem and recommended a visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  So, anxiety and anticipation at a 4-year-old level plus a one-hour appointment delay plus a very bored 3-year-old plus a possible eye problem for the 1-year-old (who was definitely ready for a meal, by the way) = phone call to Oma!

The kids will recover from their shots, Tasha's eye problem will most likely be minimal, and my DD will recover from the trauma of holding her oldest daughter down so the nurse could give the second shot.  I wonder, however, if I'll recover from hearing the emotion in my daughter's voice as she described the appointment to me?  Not likely.  Maternal instinct moves through the generations at lightning speed.  My mom used to say, "When your child is hurt, you do the bleeding."  My baby was hurting last Friday, and I got to sing the blues.

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