Monday, February 1, 2010

And, I actually had fun!

One of my goals for 2010 is to practice free-motion quilting.  My resolution was actually to practice every day.  Gotta fess up - that is not happening.  But I am putting in more practice time than last year, and I think it is paying off.  I'm not getting better yet; I'm just not scared to death to try!  That's progress, don't you agree?

I have about a dozen gorgeous batik panels that I inherited from my MIL.  These panels were among the boxes and boxes of batik clothing that she bought in the 80s.  I'm slowly selling off the clothing in my Etsy shop, but I just can't part with the panels.  The grade of cotton is high, the designs so unusual, and the colors are brilliant.  My heart says that these panels deserve to be worked on by a true artist.  There is such potential to create a beautiful piece when you start with such a unique foundation.  I've been tempted to try my hand at some kind of art quilt, but always turn away at the last minute.  In most areas of my life, I'm a pretty confident gal.  I just don't think of myself as artistic or creative.  The left side of my brain is too dang strong, I guess.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take the smallest panel and make a pillow out of it.  I found a new batik fabric that coordinates fairly well for the back of the pillow.  With trepidation, I got the BSR out of its cocoon, lowered the feed dogs on the old 640, and went full speed ahead.  Well, maybe I got to second gear a couple of times, but mostly I ambled along in first learning more and more with every inch I covered.  And ..... it was a blast!  My poor sister was visiting the weekend I worked on this project, and I kept slipping into the other room to do "just one more row" of outline quilting.

No closeups this time - too embarrassing!  But I'm pretty proud of the result.  I took it to my quilt guild meeting this morning and got a few compliments, so I'm more determined now to get back to regular practicing.

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