Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Talia ......

Our oldest granddaughter turned 4 today.  Quite a big day for a toddler.  Early this morning, DH and I called her to sing a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday."  She was quite excited to tell us that she was having cake for dinner!

It wasn't too long ago, Christmas actually, that we were told she was "3 and 3/4."  Remember when counting half years, quarter years, and months was terribly important?  Now I'm happy to count in decades and forget the years and months in between ....

Her younger sister, Tasha, will be 1 on February 9.  We'll be going to see the family for Super Bowl Sunday and to have birthday celebrations for the girls.  I started a cute gift today, which I hope to finish in time for the big celebration (that would be birthday cake and candles, not the Vince Lombardi trophy).  It's the paper doll playbook kit from Creating Keepsakes.  So cute!  It took me awhile to understand the directions, but I did manage to get the fabric cut and the fusible fleece fused to the doll clothes.  Tonight I will cut out the doll clothes.  I have every hope of finishing this project between tomorrow and Friday so that I can give it to the birthday girls on Sunday.  I think Talia is the perfect age for paper dolls.  Tasha will most likely just get some fun out of touching and feeling and putting dresses in her mouth!

I remember playing with paper dolls for hours when I was growing up.  The fad then, in the 50s, was to have paper doll kits for the stars of the silver screen.  I had Piper Laurie, June Allyson, Betty Hutton, and a bride set of course.  Inevitably, the tags ripped off the clothes and the cardboard dolls bent at the ankle or the neck making them a bit less fashionable.  But what fun we had!

I hope my granddaughters have as much fun with this doll kit.  At least they won't have to cut out all those paper tags!

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