Friday, November 20, 2009

When life interferes with the "to-do" list!

Our quilt club at The Oasis meets every Monday. I joined about 6 months ago and have really been enjoying it. Some of the ladies are quite prolific and have a project or two (or three or four) to share every week. Some members come just to chat! It's a fun way to start the week.

We've been trying to have small projects to work on after the business part of the meeting so that we can sew together. Last week, one of our members taught paperpiecing. I had never tried this before. My brain has a hard time working through the steps, though. If I slow the process down and really concentrate, the lightbulb eventually goes on! Our project was a pumpkin potholder. Here's a picture of my potholder only 1/2 done. Finishing the potholder was on today's "to-do" list along with shopping for Turkey Day.

About 10 a.m. we got a call from a friend who had been trying to reach my father-in-law for over two days. The phone was constantly busy. Dad is 89 and lives alone, so we were immediately concerned. Several hours and many, many phone calls later, we learned that he had inadvertently left the phone off the hook! Doug had just arranged for a police cruiser to go to the house to do a "welfare check." Fortunately, we were able to contact the police before they actually got to the house.

I did go grocery shopping, but the potholder might not get finished today.  Now we have a goal for Thanksgiving Day .... get my very private and self-sufficient father-in-law to give us telephone numbers of neighbors in case this happens again!


  1. Paper piecing is fun! I've only done one project with it - a class project - but look forward to more!

    The same thing happened with both my parents before. We ended up calling a friend to drive by as we could not reach a neighbor. I wish you success with getting those phone numbers!

  2. I forgot to mention that I LOVE the candy corn fabric. Cute. Cute. Cute!

  3. The candy corn fabric was from my stash - surprisingly enough! Usually, I can't find what I want in the closet and, therefore, am FORCED to go fabric shopping. Just another sacrifice I make in support of my hobby!

  4. Your paper pieced pumpkin is cute. Can't wait to see the finished potholder. I have done quite a bit of paper piecing but I really dread taking all the paper off the back. Someone suggested I use dryer sheets instead so they wouldn't have to be torn off. But they pulled funny when sewn. I do like the way paper piecing is so exact tho and all points meet perfectly.

  5. I checked out your blog, Lynda. I love your quilts! And the Christmas clipart is really, really cute and fun. How ever do you do that?

  6. I've yet to try paper piecing. I like what I see of your pumpkin so far.