Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I will not panic, I will not panic .....

Things are going pretty well as we prepare for the Thanksgiving Day feast.  Because of my as-yet-undiagnosed pain, I can't really stand for long periods of time without discomfort.  So, I moved up the timetable for turkey day prep and asked Doug to do more kitchen work than he usually does.  He's always willing to help, but he spends lots of time getting the backyard in shape for visitors.  We're lucky in Southern California that we can count on the weather in late November being nice enough to enjoy the great outdoors.  (It's due to be 77 here on Thanksgiving!)

Doug picked up the rental tables this morning and set the table.  Looks nice!  Talia, Jackson, and Tasha will go out with Grandpa on Thursday and find some colorful leaves to add a bit of color.  The mashed yams are done; all the veggies are washed and chopped for the dressing.  Things seem to be under control.  Hmmmm .... that's a bit scary, don't you think?

I even had time today to start a new sewing project, a Christmas table runner.  The pattern  is the Flip 'n Strip Table Runner from The Quilt Company.  This is another new process for me.  You layer the batting and backing fabric then place 2" strips down the center of the layer, right sides together, and stitch 1/4" seam, adding strips one after the other.  Basically, quilting and piecing at the same time.  Am I explaining this right?  Should be fun and another stretch for me - keep that gray matter from going limp!

I'm not too happy with the fabric that I bought for this project.  By the time I decided to make it, the quilt shops were getting thin on Christmas fabric.  I was hoping to do it all in ivories with gold trim but settled for the traditional green and red.  If it comes out at all decent, I'll make another one for next year - and start earlier!

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