Thursday, November 19, 2009

Love, love, love my Bernina!

I finished making Christmas ornaments for my 3 grandchildren today. A friend from our quilting group at The Oasis gave me the idea to personalize the ornaments with their names and the year. A perfect idea for a doting Oma!

They were really fun to do and quite a learning experience. I still consider myself a newbie at machine embroidery; each time I tackle a project, I experience a "teachable moment." This design, from Dakota Collectibles, is a combination of free standing lace (Santa's hat) and applique (face and beard). I've used both techniques before but not in the same project.

I really struggled with making the changes in the software (Editor Plus v. 5). It's clear that I need to work through the manual page by page and spend some time with this software - it's pretty powerful! Anyway, the original design had a swirly thing on Santa's beard which I removed in order to make room for the lettering. Then somehow (little elves running around windows XP????), the lettering changed color and I could not get it to be red. I searched the on screen manual and followed the directions, I thought, to no avail. I finally gave up and just stopped the machine and changed the thread color when it stitched out to the lettering part. Did you notice that Santa's nose is black in one of the ornaments? Haven't a clue how that happened.

I'll run small red ribbon through the loop so the kidlets can hang their ornaments on the tree. I actually feel the Christmas spirit creeping into the house ... .


  1. Those Santas are too cute. Great Job!

    Linda in Oklahoma

  2. Hello I have seen yours blog compliments! It appeals to very this Father to me Born them, you say to me please where I can buy this embroidery?
    I put here the link of the photo thus at least you can see
    Excuse my English
    Thanks hello

  3. You I write my mail

    thus me you can write thanks

  4. Alessia:

    Here is a link to a website in the US where you can buy this collection. I don't know if they will ship to Italy.