Monday, July 27, 2009

Why I love Facebook

A few months ago, a friend got me interested in Facebook. I created an account, logged on, but couldn't really figure out what all the buzz was about. Why was this so much better than just plain old e-mail for keeping in touch? Maybe e-mail was going the way of snail mail? Hmmmm .... the old brain just didn't compute the benefits of Facebook.

I added a few friends, got a few invitations to be a friend, and sailed along happily without Facebook being a part of my daily routine. I often have trouble sleeping, so one night I was playing around on the computer and decided to search for some old friends - actually, old boyfriends. Couldn't find the three of them (I have a rather short dating history) so moved on to friends from my Peace Corps days. I was thrilled to find one of my best Peace Corps buddies on Facebook! Within a couple of days, we were communicating and catching up with our lives. One friend led to another which led to another .... well, you know how Facebook works. The most fun was seeing our pictures and realizing that we would walk right by one another in any shopping mall in the country. Some of us age well, and some of us don't.

This week, I tried again with the old boyfriends and connected with my first love from high school. It's a little strange to think that 40 or so years have passed since we were so crazy about one another, but it has been fun to share where life has taken us.

So, I love Facebook. I still don't quite understand how all the pieces fit, who sees what on whose wall, how to prevent the world from seeing everything you write, etc. But Facebook has given me back 3 of my best buddies. That's worth a lot of thank yous to the two very rich guys from Harvard who started it all.

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