Sunday, July 26, 2009

Can't you just go away, Sarah P?

Alert: Political Commentary

Okay, I haven't posted many political comments (remember, I am new at this blogging stuff and the learning curve for those of us in the post-60 age group is a bit steep). But - aren't you all a bit tired of Sarah P? I am. I was really hoping that she would just fade away. Alaska is a HUGE state ... numerous places for Sarah to hunker down with her family and enjoy life fishing, hunting, making nice-nice with Todd, and sorting through her makeup drawer.

I am a feminist at heart, and I thoroughly support women who strive to achieve. Kudos to Sarah P. for becoming governor of Alaska and a candidate for vice president of the United States! Quite an accomplishment for someone who has NO INTELLECT!

Sorry - had to be said. I cringe whenever a news bite announces that a Sarah P. story is about to be aired. I really struggle to follow her train of thought. Perhaps she is going into seclusion for several years so that her handlers can waltz her through total immersion training - 200 years of American social, economic, and political history prior to the next election cycle. And you have to understand it well enough to converse about the subject, have an intellectual debate, and perhaps answer a question or two? Not easy ...

Maybe she just wants to be a talk-show host. I can live with that. I have the power to turn off the television, radio, internet. I can't turn off those in national office. That's scary.


  1. Wait? Isn't it that a few tele-journalists and editors crop and cut all her speeches to make them look hokily idiotic and ask her 'mean' questions like "What magazines do you read?" Isn't that why she doesn't come across as amazing to anyone who doesn't choose their breakfast cereal, much less their candidate, without asking Rush Limbaugh first? Without the liberal slant,S.P. would reveal herself in all her MENSA glory, re-calibrate Wall Street, find Obama bin Laden, implant prayer in Calculus lessons, and then repeat, verbatim, the Bush Doctrine. You should be ashamed, Oma! You need to watch more Fox News tomorrow and turn the volume UP when they dish on their gal Sarah! They.know.the.truth. Palin in 2012: It is Written!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with your politial views, (especially about Sarah P.)

  3. Thanks for reading my blog, Trisha. Glad to know that there are people who share some of my views!