Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally finished ...

I had enough material left to make an outfit for T (the elder) so that she and her younger sister will coordinate. This is the pattern that I was grousing about in my last post - why have facings disappeared from the mainstream sewing world?

Anyway, the sundress is finished. I altered the pattern (added the ruffle to the hem and used a hook and eye closure versus the thread loop that the pattern called for - what the blazes is that?) It's hard to see from the photo, but I put a pocket in the middle of the sundress and added a rick-rack edging. Just a little "cutesieness."

I LOVE the ruffler attachment! Not wanting to spend upwards of $100 on a new Bernina ruffler, I realized that I had (1) a ruffler in the box of attachments that came with the Singer Featherweight that I bought about a year ago and (2) an unused ruffler attachment from my MILs sewing stash. So, I bought an adapter for my Bernina 640 so I could use these older attachments. Voila! Inspite of my trepidations about using alien attachments with my beloved (i.e., expensive) Bernina, it worked like magic. The ruffler is a fantastic device and I am sure that I will be using it for many more projects - especially since I have two rather frilly granddaughters. I'm even thinking (dreaming) about designs for purses that uses ruffles. Fun, fun, fun ...

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