Sunday, July 25, 2010

Random thoughts on life in the hospital ....

How does anyone manage to get better while in the hospital?  I'm a rational person of some intelligence, so I understand that procedures are in place to protect the patient and care for them.  However, must they wake you at regular intervals preventing you from sleeping for more than 90 minutes at a time?  Blood pressure check, meds, change the battery in the heart monitor, stick me for more blood samples, empty this tube, fill up the other tube - what level is your pain now, Mrs. G?

Ice chips on the third morning .... nothing without taste has ever tasted better.

A surprise visit from a quilting friend who knows enough to stay 10 minutes and not a second longer.  Thank you, Ann.

A longer visit from our daughter brought joy to my heart - and the realization that my stoicism might have cost me the chance to see her, hug her, love her again.  Once in awhile, I guess we need a smack in the face to remind us how fragile life really is.

My doctor knocking the socks off me as he described what they had to do in the operating room in order to "flush out" my abdomen of the nasty pus stuff.  A reminder of how tough our bodies are as long as we keep them in pretty good running order.

Losing one tube per day - priceless!  First, the oxygen.  Then the naso-gastric tube.  Then the catheter.  The drain.  Finally, the IV and the heart monitor!  Freedom, blessed freedom.

Walking - shuffling? - along the hospital corridor with DH pushing the IV and me trying to hold onto the wall and the drain tube at the same time.  No photos, please.

Phone calls from our son, Matt, every day.  I'm so glad I had kids!

Having a 4th IV inserted since the first 3 worked their way out of my thinning veins.  This time, I asked for a board to keep my elbow straight to prevent being stuck again.  This is the sound of an angry woman - I will not be stuck again.

Get well drawings from the grandkids.  Trying to figure out how Tasha's blue eagle is going to help me get better.  Soar like an eagle?

Trying to eat jello with my left hand.  Hmmmm .... Dougie, can you please cut up my jello?

Meeting nurses from the Congo, the Phillipines, Ghana.  A worldwide tour without leaving my hospital room.

Sticking tissue in my ears to keep the nighttime noises down.  Trying to sleep on my back.

Needing help from DH to take a sponge bath and manuever in the bathroom.  For better or worse, in sickness and in health.  He did great 40 years after reciting those vows.

Coming home.  There's no place like home, there's no place like home - there really is no place like home!

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