Monday, July 5, 2010

My $500 Tote Bag

Well, here it is - the $500 tote bag!  How did I arrive at the $500 mark?
  • $110 - retreat fee
  • $125 - my share of the cabin rental
  • $80 - what I bought at the retreat
  • $100 - what I ate over four days
  • $20 - gas
  • $20 - what I bought at Schatz' Bakery on the way home (yummy breads)
  • $10 - two bottles of wine for Happy Hour
Okay, okay - that's only $465.  But doesn't the $500 tote bag sound better than the $465 tote bag?  Poetic license, I believe, is the term.  To be fair, it's actually only the $320 tote bag since my companions paid for my room and the gas to compensate me for using my car and for doing all the driving.  I think they were extra generous!

I'm pleased with the pinwheel blocks especially since it is a 5" block!  I didn't do as well with the sashing which starts out as a 1" strip.  Yikes!  With that narrow a strip, an accurate 1/4" seam is essential.  That lovely wooden button that I've been yearning to use now covers up the sashing which doesn't align perfectly.

I really do like the bag, and I am glad I went on the retreat.  Will I go next year?  That remains to be seen.  If I do go, I'll be better prepared for the experience.  I'll bring my own fabric and be much more relaxed.  I'll take more frequent walks around the lake.  And, I'll bring one more bottle of wine!

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