Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kinder and gentler - who me?

Doug and I drove to Redlands Sewing Center today to take the Bernina to the repairman (repairperson?).  A quick look told him that I need a new front plate which has to be ordered.  Supposedly, I was not gentle enough while pushing the buttons in and caused the problem myself.  Hmmm .... I'm really careful with this baby and don't think I am the culprit.  I smiled softly and promised to be a gentler, kinder sewist.  It will take several weeks to get the part in and then the 640 has to stay in Redlands for a few days to be fixed.  At least I can still use the machine and sew until the part comes in.  My sanity is on the line!

Let's hope I can schedule this when I'm due to be away anyway, maybe for the girls' birthdays and/or Super Bowl.

I browsed, of course, while waiting in the shop for the diagnosis.  They're going to have a trunk show in February by quilt artist Marilyn Fromherz.  They had several of her pieces on display.  Quite interesting and very colorful.  Click here for a little preview of her work.  The quilt on the left with the fish was actually on display at the Redlands store, and it is stunning.

Finally got back to Etsy and listed a couple of the caftan-style blouses.  I'm hoping my sales pick up a bit with these new listings.  I have 3 more blouses and 4 scarves to list then it's on to the wraparound skirts again.  Remember Resolution #3 - this stuff is sold or gone by December 31!

As for Resolutions #1 and #2, I give myself a great big "F" for failure two weeks into the New Year.  I have not done any free-motion quilting.  I downloaded one podcast of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."  Does that count?

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