Thursday, May 13, 2010

Disarray - once again!

We had the carpets cleaned this morning.  It was way overdue .... when I still see coffee stains on the carpet after the vacuuming and spot cleaning, I know it is time to bite the bullet and call the professionals in.

Unfortunately, this means moving everything out of the bedroom and guest room, which also doubles as DH's office.  So the other rooms in the house are chock full of furniture that shouldn't be there and we do not have access to all of our STUFF!  We tried to anticipate needs, but you can't think of everything.  So DH went to the pool this afternoon, came home and took a shower in the guest bathroom, then realized he would have to walk across the "damp" carpet to get to his toiletries!  I decided to research European temperatures in September in anticipation of our big trip then realized that all the travel books were in the "damp" guest room!  Ah, ha!  I still had access to the Internet even if DH did not have access to his deodorant.

Hopefully, we will put the house back in order tomorrow and both of us will feel more relaxed.  What is it about firstborns?  We don't take to change or disorder very easily.

The good news is that September temperatures in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Switzerland do not invite swimming.  Yippee!  No bathing suit is going into the luggage .... doing the Happy Dance!

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  1. Hey! The warehouse is in Garden Grove.. here is the ad for it ( It IS fun!