Monday, May 24, 2010

An "ah-ha" moment

I belong to several Yahoo groups about sewing, quilting, machine embroidery, Bernina sewing machines, etc.  They are a great resource.  The members are generous with their time as well as with their knowledge.  Someone is always posting a hint, a new must-have notion, best prices on supplies, etc.  What I like best about belonging to these groups is the response I get when I have a problem.  Simply post your question or problem or dilemma, click the send button, and voilá - your question has bounced around the world in record time.  I usually hear from someone within minutes.  Answers come from Australia, Texas, the United Kingdom, Georgia - you never know!  Fun, fun, fun.

A few weeks ago, a member of one of my groups posted about using her Bernina walking foot in a surefire way for stitching in the ditch.  Here's a link to her blog post where she describes this method.  Susan posts often on our Bernina group and has lots of great information on her blog.  Worth a bit of your time to scan through her older posts.

I tried this method over the weekend on Jack's birthday present, a tablerunner.  Wow!  It worked perfectly.  I quickly e-mailed Susan my gratitude for her post.  Now the trick is to remember this the next time I need to stitch in the ditch!

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  1. Thanks for the link to Susan's blog about the
    walking foot....good trick...will try this out too...:)