Saturday, August 22, 2009

You can never take the kid out of the man!

Our 39th anniversary is on Monday, August 24. Many years ago, we started planning surprise trips to celebrate, alternating years. So, this is my year. I planned a getaway to Cambria in Central California - a place we have not been to in many years. Found a great B&B (I'll let you know about it after we've had a chance to critique the place), bought tickets to tour the Hearst Castle, and was genuinely enjoying the secretive planning. Lo and behold, I did not realize that when I checked on to see what the temps were going to be like, Doug could easily see where I had been checking. Tonight he revealed that he'd been sleuthing and knows where we are going! Reminded me of searching through closets and attics in the weeks before Christmas .... he just couldn't stand not knowing where we are headed. Darn.

So, the surprise is ruined, but I will appreciate a little help with the map routing. Mapquest and our lovely GPS gal are taking us different ways. Doug will get to "play maps" (one of his favorite things) and decide the ultimate route. Mapquest has us going north on 5; the GPS basically takes us to Thousand Oaks and north on 101. That's a much prettier drive. My thought was to go up the 5 so we get there in a reasonable amount of time, check into the B&B, and still be able to find a restaurant to celebrate our anniversary. Then we can drive the long route home next Thursday along the coast and maybe even drop in on the kids for a bit.

Although the surprise is ruined, I am sure we will still have a great adventure. Lots of antique stores, walking along the beach, quilt shops (I have my list handy!). My online friends have given me some great tips on shops that just should not be missed. I plan on seeing them all.

My pains are controllable with ibuprofen - thankfully - so whatever is going on in my gut shouldn't hold us back from having a fun time.

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