Thursday, August 20, 2009

So that's what it is!

My mother was a teacher which was both a blessing and a curse to me and my sister. A blessing because she could always be counted on to help us out with schoolwork; a curse because we couldn't pull the wool over her eyes EVER about school! One of the cardinal rules in our house was that you went to school unless you were barfing up breakfast or running a fever - no excuses! In our house, you ignored small aches and pains and just got on with life. Doctor visits were reserved for major occurrences like broken bones and rashes covering your entire body.

No wonder, then, that I still find it hard to give in to illnesses and pain. For the past month, I have had a pain on the right side of my abdomen which I assumed was some type of muscle pull and would eventually go away. Nope. Did not go away. In fact, it has gotten markedly worse. I finally made a doctor's appointment and off we went this afternoon. Seems I have the classic symptoms of gallstones and/or inflammation of the gall bladder! They drew blood today, and I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Saturday afternoon. Great timing since we are off on our anniversary trip Monday and won't return until Thursday. Hope my procrastination hasn't blown this whole vacation!

If the diagnosis is confirmed, I will probably need to have the little so-and-so removed surgically. Yuck. I hate the thought of going under anesthesia and being in the hospital. More later, I'm afraid.

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