Friday, August 14, 2009

Experiment in Terror

I decided several weeks ago that I wanted to attempt some garment making. I haven't done any sewing for myself in years - maybe decades. Some of my online friends have posted pictures of garments that they've made, and I became envious. I'm pretty tired of shopping these days and finding nothing out there for 60+ gals who don't want to look like frumps! I saw these pants on Have you Tinkled today? and knew that this was the pattern for me. Plus, CJ's made them several times and posted great pictures. Best of all, she claims they are easy peasy!

So I ordered the pattern and anxiously awaited the mail. Being on the cautious side, and rather cheap, I opted for some fabric on the clearance table at JoAnns. The pattern arrived this week. I cut them out yesterday and have been working on them today. I take my time sewing - what's the rush when you're retired? - so I probably won't finish them until tomorrow. But, they are going together easily. I even did some decorative stitching along the pockets (thank you, Bernina)! Will definitely post a picture of the completed project even if they don't fit!

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