Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another kick-in-the-pants reminder --- do it now!

On the day I received my official driver's license at the ripe-old age of 17, I called my grandma and invited her to go shopping and lunch with me as long as I could drive her car.  Typically for a teenager, I procrastinated.  I never did take my grandma to lunch.  She committed suicide before my 18th birthday.

Decades later, my DH and I planned a weekend visit with dear friends who had just built their dream retirement home on a beach in Mexico.  Something - who remembers what - interfered with that visit.  Shortly after our postponed visit, my dear friend passed away from lung cancer.  I did not even know that she was ill - she was that kind of person.  Keep it personal, keep it close to your chest, be brave, be stoic, be undemanding.

Last Saturday, DH and I attended a memorial service for a friend of 20 years.  Bob was the best man at my sister's wedding; we attended his retirement party; we've hugged his wife, daughters and granddaughters, numerous times.  We've camped with Bob, we've partied with Bob, we've raised a glass of "gout" with Bob - we never imagined that we'd be saying goodbye to Bob before his 70th birthday.

Bob was a Vietnam veteran, wounded several times, and a tireless advocate for the Disabled American Veterans.  Bob was married to Renee, a Frenchwoman whom he met while stationed in France in the late 50s and my brother-in-law's aunt.  We talked about vacationing in France and finally getting to meet the family and seeing La Boule.  We didn't do it.  Time ran out.

I'm revisiting my bucket list.  Tonight, take at look at your own bucket list.  Your personal timetable may not be in synch with life's timetable.  Do it now!

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