Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ticking Off the Bucket List

Doug and I spent an hour or so this morning with our travel agent talking about next year's big trip. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Time to spend the big bucks!

We've decided on a river trip in Europe and settled on the Amsterdam to Basel itinerary. Since we haven't been on a river boat before, we're leaning towards a short trip just to make sure we're comfortable with this type of travel. So, the early plan is to fly to Amsterdam, stay two or three nights, board the boat for a leisurely trip on the Rhine to Basel (6 nights), and then a week or ten days travelling through Switzerland and Austria. Does this sound great or what?

Our (my) original thought was to rent a car and drive without much of a plan. According to our travel agent, renting a car in Europe is quite expensive. She advocates using the trains. I've been hesitant to commit to trains because I do not relish the idea of lugging suitcases on and off trains at the ripe old age of 65! I'm thinking that Doug and our TA (Jayme) may be convincing me otherwise. More research is needed ...

Now we get to talk about what time of year is best. July and August are out (too much heat, too many tourists). That leaves spring or early fall. Doug leans toward September; I lean toward spring (more flowers). I'll keep you posted! The good news is that we are both committed to this trip. It's only money, right?

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