Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Relaxing Day in Breisach, Germany

No alarm at 6:30 a.m. - how sweet it is!  We are both so glad we elected to pass on the trips scheduled for today and just relax, play catchup, pack, and even read a bit.  Today is sunny and warm enough to sit on the top deck of the boat.  Several passengers even braved the whirlpool.

Once again, the swans are everywhere.  It's fun to watch them move from the boat, to the opposite shoreline, to a small sightseeing vessel as people feed them in different areas of the river.

A Breisach square
View from the Cathedral
We took a leisurely walk into the small village of Breisach for lunch and stumbled on a Turkish restaurant.  Although we both had salads, the homemade yogurt dressing was a Turkish recipe and it was superb.  I had a beer from Turkey (Efes).

We kept seeing a wedding party during our stay in Breisach.  First, we saw them in a 12-car motorcade (all BMWs or Mercedes) blowing horns on their way to City Hall.  As DH and I were having our lunch, the motorcade made its way through the village to the Cathedral.  We climbed up the stone walkway to the Cathedral and the wedding party was assembled to take pictures.  Then back down the hill with the horns blaring!

Memorial to German soldiers
Over 85% of Breisach was destroyed in the Allied bombing during 1945 because of its proximity to the river and the number of bridges nearby.  It is hard to imagine this charming village in ruins.

Tomorrow, we start the great train adventure.  Let's hope that two 65-year-olds can manage suitcases and backpacks while getting on and off trains!

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