Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our trip was wonderful, but it is oh so marvelous to be home.  We actually arrived back at the farm on Sunday, but it has taken me several days to settle in and feel in control again.  As a Virgo, I need to have everything in its place, neat and tidy and organized, to really feel right.  Sigh .... today things are as they should be!

The wedding was lovely - different, but lovely.  It was held on a farm just outside the charming city of Sebastopol, California, in the Sonoma County wine country.  Chickens, horses, birds and bees kept us company as we listened to Amy and Jonny recite their vows.  They seem well suited, and I am supremely happy that they were able to find one another in the midst of this crazy, crazy world.  Apparently, they met through an online dating service  Mazeltov!

Doug and I enjoyed meandering down the coast of California.  We haven't done this in years.  Stopped often to view the miraculous Pacific coastal areas.  Each time we pulled into a parking area to enjoy the vista, my heart skipped a beat.  Imagine this magnificence covered in oil?  Imagine the sea birds and mammals struggling through layers of oil?  Somewhere, somehow, we need to find a balance between nature, business, progress, development, environmental protection.  We are squandering the best gift mankind has ever been given --- the beauty of our earth.

Back to sewing tomorrow - finish a purse started before the trip, try my hand at making a new pair of pants by using a well-loved pair that have seen better days, and embroidering a t-shirt for our grandson that missed the deadline for his 3rd birthday.  And, watch the Lakers beat the >>>>>> out of the Celtics tomorrow night!  Go Lakers!

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