Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa, Baby .....

If you are obsessive about sewing, quilting, and/or machine embroidery the way that I am, your holiday wishlist leans a little heavily on supplies, notions, magazine subscriptions, scissors, thread (LOTS of thread), rulers, books --- whew!  One can never have enough goodies to support this hobby!  I really try to explain exactly what I want and even add websites and links to help all the Santas in our family.  It's a little like my DH explaining to me about dremels and bits and routers and why he still needs more of them, whatever the heck they are.

I have my perfect sewing machine in the Bernina 640 with embroidery module, so I don't lust after the 830.  Truthfully, I do sometimes daydream about a longarm machine.  But then I force myself back to reality.  We don't have the room!  Ahhhh, room.  Now, that is what I'd really like Santa to bring me - more room!

In our last house, I had a dedicated sewing room on the second floor.  Could anything be better?  A room to myself with a door!  Heaven on earth.  I could sew (or scrapbook) all day long and then just turn out the lights and shut the door.  No cleaning up, no search for lost pins that might be discovered by DH, no worrying about putting all the project pieces together in one place that I'll be certain to remember.

Here's a picture of my current sewing room.  (You can see the table runner which I am still working on.)

Sadly, it isn't all mine and it isn't all sewing.  It's a combined craft/sewing/computer/office that is wide open to the entire house.  I love the built-ins, of course, and feel lucky to have something so nice.  Notice how neat things look?  This is done purely out of necessity.  I want room!  Room to make a mess ..... room to work on more than one thing at a time ..... room for more storage (i.e., more goodies).... room for a real, honest-to-goodness worktable!  Ah, Santa .... I've been really, really good this year.

I have, on occasion, been a little uppity with Santa.  One year, I clipped pictures from the Zales catalogue and slipped them into Santa's lunchbox.  I think that was the year that Santa left me and my DH matching sweatsuits and running shoes.  Hmmmmm ...

So, if Santa is still listening to me after all this time, this is what I really want for Christmas:  a sewing room that looks just like this.

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